About us

QFSE Media is an exclusive internet marketing and web management firm, providing successful bespoke solutions for online business. QFSE Media was formed in 2009 and currently operates from the beach side town of Tauranga, New Zealand, as the online media arm of Abaconda Management Group.

QFSE Media provides uniquely thorough internet marketing and web management services for clients wishing to ensure the success of their online business. QFSE Media’s services include business planning, technical support and assistance in web presence creation, high-end copywriting, search engine optimization, online public relations, social media publication and management, web project appraisal, website forensic investigation and services typical of an internet media firm, such as keyword research, pay per click services, advertisement placement, etc.

At QFSE Media we do not lay claim to being the sort of self-proclaimed “internet guru” that barrages you with spam and berates you on social media services. QFSE Media does not make unachievable promises, but delivers realistic and profitable results through experience, academic knowledge, understanding and proven ethical techniques.


Rodion is the Director of QFSE Media. Rodion is deeply experienced in the creation of online business. Rodion has sound knowledge of modern online business technology, and stays on top of emerging trends and methods in online business promotion.